Amazing Adventures for Young Readers

Amazing Adventures

for Young Readers

Wednesday Weeks
and the Tower of Shadows

Wednesday Weeks never wanted to be a sorcerer's apprentice. She'd rather study science than magic. But when her cloak-wearing, staff-wielding grandpa is captured by a power-hungry goblin king, Wednesday must find a way to embrace her magical heritage and rescue him from the dreaded Tower of Shadows.


Luckily, she's not alone. Her best friend Alfie is a prime-number fan and robotics expert who's all-in on Wednesday's epic plan involving parallel universes, swords of power, and a wise-cracking talking skull.


But it's going to take more than science, magic, and the world's cutest robot to take down this bad guy. Because the goblin king is playing for the ultimate prize - and Wednesday and Alfie just walked into his trap...

Wednesday Weeks
and the Crown of Destiny

Wednesday Weeks is just starting to get the hang of this whole magic thing. But Gorgomoth the Unclean is on the loose again and he's out to ruin everything, for keeps.


When Gorgomoth steals the Crown of Destiny and turns Grandpa into a frog, it's up to Wednesday and Alfie - with help from Bruce and their new friend Adaline - to track him down.


But wormholes, giant pinball machines and a stolen crown are only the beginning. Throw in a floating fortress full of goblins, some misbehaving magic and a missing pair of eyebrows, and Wednesday and Alfie are going to have to take their magic - and their science - to the next level.

Wednesday Weeks
and the Dungeon of Fire

Wednesday Weeks just wants to finish Year Six without any more magical mishaps. But Gorgomoth the Unclean has other plans.


The tyrannical goblin king is back, and he's hot on the trail of the long-lost Stone of Power. If he finds it, it'll be goodbye school holidays and hello Third Age of Never-Ending Darkness.


To beat Gorgomoth to the stone, Wednesday and her friends must prove themselves worthy by passing three deadly trials. And so the race is on. But unfriendly cats, tomato sauce geysers and a pizza-train rollercoaster ride through a live volcano won't make their mission any easier. Will their magic and science be enough to stop Gorgomoth from taking over the universe?