Amazing Adventures for Young Readers

Amazing Adventures

for Young Readers


Denis Knight was born in the late 1960s near Perth, Western Australia, and grew up in a quiet suburb not too far from the beach. He spent most of the 1970s watching Doctor Who and Monkey, and most of the 1980s listening to ZZ-Top and watching movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.


He graduated from high school in 1985 (the same year as Marty McFly) and spent the next four years at the University of Western Australia studying computer science.


In 1991 he sold his first short story to Aurealis magazine, where it was published with an illustration by an up-and-coming young artist named Shaun Tan.


Since then, Denis has worked as a computer programmer, a technical writer, a delivery boy, a tutor, and, for one glorious summer, a tour guide on Rottnest Island. His favourite foods are lasagna and donuts, and his favourite Arnie movie is Eraser. He knows how to ride a motorbike and use a chainsaw, although not both at the same time.


He now spends his days managing complex computer systems for shadowy government departments, and his nights writing science fiction adventure novels for young readers, including the Wednesday Weeks magical fantasy series, the Hunter Black alien conspiracy series, and the Max Neutron intergalactic espionage series.


He lives in Western Australia with his wife, his two children, and his extensive collection of The X-Files DVDs. He has never been stalked by a laundry kraken, eaten by space wasps or abducted by aliens—as far as he knows.


To contact Denis, please email or stop by his Facebook page.